To improve, ease, and empower lives.

Our company, comprised of University of Utah student team, is dedicated to developing Bedvee™ - a home healthcare device. Our patent pending technology provides customers with an affordable way to elevate their bed without the hassle of purchasing a new bed.

Our team is proud to be part of the University of Utah’s very own Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, ranked among the top-10 programs for entrepreneurship by the Princeton Review, U.S. News, and Bloomberg, where along with other university students, we have the opportunity to create a startup and build a company that is based on strong values and solid business model foundation. As one of the Startups in Residence at the Lassonde Institute’s Company Launch program for the last year, we have been working closely with mentors and top experts in fields such as business, law, accounting, marketing, and more. We have raised funding in Seed Rounds through grant programs like Get Seeded.

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