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What Sets Bedvee™ Apart

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The research we have carefully conducted for this product sets us apart from our competition.
We successfully identified a problem for caregivers and have solved it with a simple solution.
The following points are the reasons Bedvee™ is held to a higher regard in the care-giving

1. We Understand the Problem.
There are more than 12 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S that are providing physical care
helping loved ones get in and out of bed. Most of these caregivers are over the age of 65, which
is a problem for them, and the person receiving the care. Increased stress levels, decreased
quality of life, and the overall hassle of a simple task can be extremely draining for someone
over 65. Our home healthcare device is an affordable way to adjust in bed without any hassle.

2. Self Efficiency is Our Focus.
Maintaining a person’s independence, and self efficiency is the most important aspect of our
product. Many people suffering from conditions requiring head-of-bed elevation are in their
situation for multiple months, and sometimes years. The burden of constantly needing
assistance wears down on everybody involved. Bedvee™ provides a way for everyone to maintain
their independence and focus on things that actually matter.

3. Our Product Design is Safe, and Tested.
Our device is an adjustable bed wedge controlled via wireless remote or a phone app that can
adjust 15 to 60 degrees. The product is portable and easy to store and the built-in mattress
foam ensures ergonomic design for increased comfort. Our cost-effective air bladder technology
uses minimum air volume to ensure quick inflation and deflation times. The wireless remote is
designed to be ergonomically correct for the elderly. The device itself has a quick installation
and is easy to set up and use. The grip on the bottom ensures the device does not move when
placed and used over a bed.

4. Created and Customized for You
No longer is there a need for expensive adjustable beds. Just use YOUR bed. Provides relief
for conditions requiring head-of-bed elevation, such as acid reflux, sleep apnea, vertigo,
snoring, back and neck pain, bed sores, respiratory or digestive conditions, post-surgery
rehabilitation, and many others.

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